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Lauri Võsandi is the Founder of K-Space. He hosted a robotics club at IT Kolledž. Tons of work afterwards (do poke somebody to add more details) the robotics club transformed to K-Space. Still the place didn't look good. Now one could say, it's finished, but there's still a long to-do list.

Where does the name come from?

 Lauri's company Koodur and hackerspace. It may also now refer to Küber (Cyber), Kood (code) and similar words.

When is (b-day) k-day?

 Eesti IT Kolledži Robootikaklubi MTÜ (Estonian IT College Robotics Club) was registered 22.02.2016.
 Keys to the place were received 02.10.2017.
 K-Slack was created 29.11.2017.
 K-Space MTÜ name took effect 15.12.2017.
 Additional content needed.