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Zoidberg is autonomous robot designed to compete in the Robotex basketball competition. Zoidberg was initially developed at Robotics Club of Estonian IT College, later continued by our hackerspace members Marek Juhanson and Fred-Eric Kirsi. Others who have contributed to Zoidberg include Arti Zirk, Joonas Jõeleht and Lauri Võsandi. We'd like to also thank Thorgate, WiseParker, Hecada, Icefire, Helmes, Milrem Robotics, Proekspert, Taltech, Stork Drives, Zubax Robotics, Marvin Martinson, Mohanad Aly Hasan, Madis Mägi and many others!


Documentation about the project can be found here and here

If you're looking for capable people for your next robotics-electronics project, feel free to get in touch with people involved :)


The robot has seen three iterations over the years

Rankings Extra prizes
2018 Robotex basketball 2nd
2017 Robotex basketball ?
2016 Robotex football 4th Most elegant source code prize by Proekspert

Some pictures of previous versions alognside the Nibbler:

basketball-robots-front.jpg woopwoop.jpg