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Our hackerspace members have designed and built 10pcs sumorobots with ESP32 microcontroller paired with awesome MicroPython. Thanks to Marek Juhanson, Silver Kuusik, Marvin Martinson, Lecktor Technologies and many others for contributing to the project and thanks to Taltech, Proekspert, Helmes, Guardtime and others for supporting this project financially.

sumo.jpg sumorobots-with-remote.jpg


Marvin has conducted workshops at Robotex, Taltech open doors day, Arsenal shopping center and many other places.

sumorobot-workshop.jpg sumod-arsenalis.jpg

Two hour workshop is available in Estonian, English and Russian. Contact for more information.

  • Overview of hardware and capabilities
  • Basics of programming
  • Implementing line following with our sumos
  • Implementing sumo competition with our sumos
  • Five to eight sumorobots and laptops
  • Supporting WiFi area

Target audience: 10-15 year old kids

Workshop price 175€, possible to get invoice as well.

Design & build

All the relevant documentation should be found below. Feel free to come and play with ours or build yourself one.


The sumorobot firmware for the remotely programmable one implemented with MicroPython can be found here the web portion can be found here.


Alternative firmware paired with remote control which can be found here.


Sumorobot PCB has seen many iterations over the years and has now arrived on a semi-custom design with ESP32. Silver Kuusik has contributed a lot to the design in it's current form. The KiCad design of the PCB created by Lauri can be found here.

sumorobot-pcb-front.png sumorobot-pcb-back.png

That design should be easy to mill with CNC and easy to solder by hand.

sumo-pcb-milling.jpg sumo-pcb-assembly.jpg


Only custom modules this PCB relies on are LiPo charging module found here and step down converter found here. Everything else you should be able to get at your local electronics store.



3D printable sumorobot frame has been designed mostly by Marek Juhanson. Final version with optional plow was created by Lauri Võsandi with OpenSCAD. Additionally case for sumorobot remote using WeMos D1 board and Funduino Joystick expansion board was created by Lauri. The sources for both can be found here

sumorobot-frame.png sumorobot-remote.png sumorobots-printing.jpg sumorobot-frames.jpg sumorobot-back.jpg sumorobot-remote.jpg