Stepcraft 2-600

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More notes about KiCad can be found here, more notes regarding LinuxCNC can be found here

Insert to /etc/fstab:

 //bender.k-space.lan/Dump /mnt/bender/dump cifs guest,rw,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,noperm 0 0


 apt-get install cifs-utils
 mkdir -p /mnt/bender/dump
 mount /mnt/bender/dump

Milling PCB-s


  • Export front, back, drill and outline Gerbers from your favourite PCB design software
  • Convert Gerbers to G-code using pcb2gcode command below
  • Dump the files to Nextcloud share here
  • Approach the CNC setup, in web browser open bookmarked link for the same share, download files
  • Under supervision by Lauri, Kaarel: mill front, drill holes, flip, mill back, cut outline

To compile pcb2gcode:

 git clone
 cd pcb2gcode
 sudo dnf install gerbv-devel gtkmm24-devel autoconf  librsvg2-devel shtool automake libtool boost-devel
 sudo apt -y install libboost-all-dev libgtkmm-2.4-dev gerbv shtool autogen librsvg2-dev
 autoreconf -fvi
 make -j4
 sudo make install

Command optimized for thick traces (1mm+), no thermal pads, mill with 90 degree milling bits:

 pcb2gcode --vectorial \
   --software linuxcnc --zero-start \
   --front *-F.Cu.g* --front-output front.ngc \
   --back *-B.Cu.g* --back-output back.ngc \
   --drill *.drl --drill-output drill.ngc --drill-side back \
   --outline *-Edge.Cuts.g* --outline-output cutout.ngc \
   --metric --metricoutput --noconfigfile \
   --zsafe 3 --zchange 50 \
   --cut-side back --cut-feed 150 --cut-speed 6000 --cut-infeed 0.6 --zcut -1.8 \
   --zbridges -1 --bridges 3 --bridgesnum 4 --cutter-diameter 2 \
   --mill-feed 500 --mill-speed 6000 --zwork -0.15 --offset 0.2 \
   --drill-feed 500 --drill-speed 6000 --zdrill -4 \
   --spindown-time 2 --spinup-time 2 \
   --tile-x 1 --tile-y 1


  • in linuxcnc, visually make sure you are cutting the right gerbers!
  • be careful with drill depth, not to drill into the platform
  • use 0.1 clearance in KiCad otherwise --vectorize in pcb2code merges pads