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To become a member:

  1. Show up on Chaostreff and introduce yourself, see schedule here
  2. If you're commited to being involved send us information about you
  3.  ???
  4. Profit

If you're not ready to commit immediately you're welcome to pop in every Thursday, no membership required for that.

Initiate Onboarding

If you're not familiar with hackerspaces in general go through this doc to make sure you know what you're getting involved with.

Join our Slack channel for onboarding. Once there state your:

One of the onboarding people should respond to you there to:

  • Create AD user for you
  • Assign you to floor access, workshop access etc groups

Slack is our primary communications channel and you are expected to respond there or at least via e-mail that you provide.

Set the montly recurring payment for easier membership fee management. See your bank's help page on how to set it up.

 Recipient: K-SPACE MTÜ
 IBAN: EE467700771002926893

Once we have received your first payment take any RFID card (TLL Travelcard/bank card supporting contactless payments/keyfob etc) what you'll be using as key to access the hackerspace and come by on a Thursday evening, for your onboarding PoC to add it to the our Doorboy™ system. The hackerspace houses a lot of equiment so the door access symbolises the trust we put in you to take good care of it.

Onboarders are volunteering their time and effort to deal with you so be nice to them. If you want to cancel your subscription please let your onboarder know.

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