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To become a member:

  1. Show up on Chaostreff
  2. Say hi
  3. If interested, become a member
  4.  ???
  5. Profit

Chaostreff meetups are scheduled here.

Becoming a member

The longer version is as follows:

  1. Info about you
  2. Membership fee
  3. Access

Initiate Onboarding

Send an e-mail with following info to `info at k - space dot ee`:

  • your full name
  • preferred username
  • choose membership tier
  • e-mail address
  • (optional) company name to send the invoice to


Set the recurring payment for easier membership fee management. See your bank's help page on how to set it up.

Recipient: K-SPACE MTÜ
IBAN: EE467700771002926893


Take any RFID card (TLL Travelcard/bank card supporting contactless payments/keyfob etc) what you'll be using as key to access the hackerspace and come by on a Thursday evening, for the organiser to add it to the our Doorboy™ system.

See also

Membership Options


For 29€ the package includes:

  • Door access 24/7
  • Locker for personal belongings
  • Access to common equipment
  • Use any free desk space available
  • Use our NextCloud, Git, wiki services etc
  • Host your community events at our lab



In addition to Supporter package you get:

  • Slightly more permanent desk setup
  • A cupboard for your equipment
  • Up to 2U space in our server room
  • Virtual machine for your projects
  • Public IPv4, IPv6 address for your projects
  • Host your workshops/trainings at our lab



In addition to Member package you get:

  • Permanent desk and equipment setup
  • More units in the server room
  • Roll-up stand for your project/company/etc.
  • Influence the direction this hackerspace is headed also known as "vote with the wallet"