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To become a member:

  1. Show up on Chaostreff
  2. Say hi
  3. If interested, become a member
  4.  ???
  5. Profit

Chaostreff meetups are scheduled here.

Becoming a member

The longer version is as follows:

  1. Info about you
  2. Membership fee
  3. Access

Initiate Onboarding

Send an e-mail with following info to `info at k - space dot ee`:

  • your full name
  • preferred username
  • choose membership tier
  • e-mail address
  • (optional) company name to send the invoice to


Set the recurring payment for easier membership fee management. See your bank's help page on how to set it up.


Take any RFID card (TLL Travelcard/bank card supporting contactless payments/keyfob etc) what you'll be using as key to access the hackerspace and come by on a Thursday evening, for the organiser to add it to the our Doorboy™ system.

See also

Membership Options


For 29€ the package includes:

  • Door access 24/7
  • Locker for personal belongings
  • Access to common equipment
  • Use any free desk space available
  • Use our NextCloud, Git, wiki services etc
  • Host your community events at our lab



In addition to Supporter package you get:

  • Slightly more permanent desk setup
  • A cupboard for your equipment
  • Up to 2U space in our server room
  • Virtual machine for your projects
  • Public IPv4, IPv6 address for your projects
  • Host your workshops/trainings at our lab



In addition to Member package you get:

  • Permanent desk and equipment setup
  • More units in the server room
  • Roll-up stand for your project/company/etc.
  • Influence the direction this hackerspace is headed also known as "vote with the wallet"