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In order to become a member the recommended procedure is to come and visit our hackerspace during a Chaostreff. You can see when the next one is scheduled here. Rule of thumb is that it's scheduled twice a month on Thursdays 18:00.

Show up at Chaostreff, meet current members and tell us about yourself. Preferably find a current member who can vouch for your trustworthyness. Take a look at the membership options below and decide which path you would like to take.

Membership options

Supporter 29€

Supporter package is for folks who like what we are doing and pop in couple times a week:

  • Door access card, access rooms 24/7
  • Access to soldering irons, reflow oven, desoldering iron, hot air gun
  • Access to coffee machine
  • Access to public wifi ( guest)
  • Access to 220v power outlets for your laptop
  • Access to phone/tablet chargers (we have currently 4x Anker charger with USB C, micro USB and iPhone cables)
  • Claim a locker upon availability
  • User account to access service operated by members, like
  • Service agreement contract concerning all of the above

Member 59€

Member package is for folks who are visiting hackerspace almost every day:

  • One of following: locker OR desk in antisocial room*
  • One of following: 2U rack space upon availability OR blade rental OR virtual machine
  • Use any free desk space in the halls for your work, after finishing clean up and put stuff away in your locker
  • Host your events, use beamer, calendar access etc
  • Access to password protected wifi ( zoo) which also will have access to servers network
  • Access to dirty room with power tools, CNC, drill bench etc
  • Right to sign up as K-SPACE MTÜ (non-profit) legal member and participate in the management process

Note that antisocial room is intended for students only, please be ready to prove your student status and also get ready to be interviewed by other inhabitants of the room. (This is also subject to availability.) This is also the student discount offer we're gonna have.

Resident 99€

Office space package is for few select people who want to use hackerspace as an office for freelance work

  • Permanent desk with power and ethernet sockets upon availability
  • One of following: 2U rack space upon availability OR blade rental OR virtual machine
  • Have your company mail delivered to common mailbox

Onboarding process

Once you have visited us couple times or have an insider reach out Rasmus, Savva, Adi or Lauri to invite you to our Slack channel, this is where we exchange most of the information.

In order to access this wiki, Git, some servers and workstations please supply your full name, preferred username and e-mail address for user account creation. For setting up door access bring along an NFC keyfob or Ühiskaart.

Set up recurring payment to K-SPACE MTÜ EE467700771002926893 with the description saying which package you're paying for. Please NO cash, keeping track of everything is already pain in the b*tt! :)

Available lockers are kept open with their keys attached to the lock. To claim a locker (subject to availability) just lock it up, take the key along and put your name and number on the locker! . Be sure to return the key if you're going to give up membership.

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