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To become a member:
To become a member:
* Show up on Chaostreff
# Show up on Chaostreff
# Say hi
* Know what you want
# If interested, become a member
* Play nice
# ???
* Get vouched
# Profit
* Send email
* Become a member
* Profit
[https://www.meetup.com/Chaostreff-Tallinn/ Chaostreff meetups are scheduled here].
= Becoming a member =
In order to become a member the recommended procedure is to come and visit our hackerspace during a Chaostreff. You can see when the next one is scheduled [https://www.meetup.com/Chaostreff-Tallinn/ here]. Rule of thumb is that it's scheduled at least once a month on Thursday(s) startinf from 18:00.
Show up at Chaostreff, meet current members and tell us about yourself. Preferably find a current member who can vouch for your trustworthiness. Take a look at the [[#Membership_Options]] below and decide which path you would like to take.
= Onboarding process =
== Get Vouched ==
Once you have visited us and want to become a member, reach out Artur, Rasmus, Savva, Adi or [[User:lauri|Lauri]] to invite you to our Slack channel, this is where we exchange most of the information.
== Get User ==
In order to access this wiki, Git, some servers and workstations please supply by emailing following to <code>info at k - space dot ee</code>:
* your full name
* preferred username
* e-mail address for user account creation.
== Get Access ==
* For setting up door access bring along an NFC keyfob or Ühiskaart (the green public transit card).
* Set up recurring payment to K-SPACE MTÜ EE467700771002926893 with the description saying which package you're paying for. Please NO cash, keeping track of everything is already pain in the b*tt! :)
== Get Identification ==
Available lockers are ke
pt open with their keys attached to the lock. To claim a locker (subject to availability) just lock it up, take the key along '''and''' <u>put your name and number on the locker</u>! . Be sure to return the key if you're going to give up membership.
Last but not least, to easier put the name and face together, then please add your name and profile picture to:
* [[Members]]
* K-Space Slack
'''''Thank you!'''''
= See also =
= See also =

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To become a member:

  1. Show up on Chaostreff
  2. Say hi
  3. If interested, become a member
  4.  ???
  5. Profit

Chaostreff meetups are scheduled here.

See also

Membership Options


For 29€ the package includes:

  • Door access 24/7
  • Locker for personal belongings
  • Access to common equipment
  • Use any free desk space available
  • Use our NextCloud, Git, wiki services etc
  • Host your community events at our lab



In addition to Supporter package you get:

  • Slightly more permanent desk setup
  • A cupboard for your equipment
  • Up to 2U space in our server room
  • Virtual machine for your projects
  • Public IPv4, IPv6 address for your projects
  • Host your workshops/trainings at our lab



In addition to Member package you get:

  • Permanent desk and equipment setup
  • More units in the server room
  • Roll-up stand for your project/company/etc.
  • Influence the direction this hackerspace is headed also known as "vote with the wallet"