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Following are more of a guidelines, exceptions are always possible

Supporter 29€

Supporter package is for folks who like what we are doing and pop in couple times a week:

  • Access to rooms 24/7
  • Locker for personal belongings
  • Access to coffee machine, but please do donate some coins :)
  • Access to common equipment: soldering irons, printer
  • Use any free desk space available
  • Schedule an promoted event with presentation tech (beamer)
  • Some disk space in our 10TB+ Nextcloud instance
  • Host your workshops/trainings etc at our lab

Member 59€

Member package is for folks who are visiting hackerspace almost every day:

  • Everything above
  • Slightly more permanent desk setup and a cupboard
  • Couple units of rack space in the server room
  • Couple public IPv4 addresses for your projects

Resident 99€

Office space package is for few select people who want to use hackerspace as an office for freelance work

  • Permanent desk and equipment setup

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