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K-SPACE MTÜ only provides the basic services such as collecting membership fees, renting rooms for events, managing door access, getting the rent/electricity paid - in those matters please contact Lauri or Erki below. Regarding other services and member operated services feel free to contact members themselves directly:

Pic Name Status Contact Own projects/activities K-SPACE delegated tasks
lauri.jpg Lauri Võsandi Resident-founder
+372 53329412
Nixie clock kits, building speakers & goofing off Operating wiki/Git/Nextcloud services, poke if something is broken!
erki.jpg Erki Naumanis Resident Beekeeping Hackerspace accounting/invoicing/restocking supplies (paper towels, coffee)
minion.jpg Savva Bychkov Resident Come and meet face to face BSD user group, helping out with events
minion.jpg Rainer Resident
minion.jpg Cougar Resident DIY keyboard workshop
roman.jpg Roman Solomatin Resident
+372 56889668
GameLab Estonia
arti.jpg Arti Zirk Resident SGI Indy revival
zubax.png Zubax Robotics Resident Pavel Kirienko
Zubax Robotics
minion.jpg Kaarel Allemann (Heltico OÜ) Resident WiFi monitoring project
minion.jpg Raimond Reest Resident Carpe Medi OÜ
minion.jpg Taavi Ansper Resident Carpe Medi OÜ
minion.jpg Kent Toodu Resident Carpe Medi OÜ
adi.jpg Aaditya Parashar Member AP designs Server room management [Hosting, networking, and more..], VPS/Dedicated Host rentals.
eaas.jpg Erki Aas Member-student VeebKolm server room IP assignments, network changes in general
minion.jpg Kristjan Kuusk Member Come and meet on evenings Retrocomputing corner, fixing vintage terminals, DIY aircraft Network infrastructure advisor
anto.jpg Anto Veldre Member Come and meet on Thursdays Radiocommunication experiments Antennas on the roof
minion.jpg Jesse Wojtkowiak Member Comes over during weekends Practicing soldering with kids
plaes.jpg Priit Laes Member Making SMD PCB-s, reviving old computers etc
minion.jpg Marek Juhanson Member-student 3D modelling, 3D printing Robotex participation
minion.jpg Rein Põdra Member Mikrotik trainings
minion.jpg Kert Ojasoo Member
minion.jpg Martti Rand Partner Protoskoop OÜ Lasercutter safety training
andreas wagner.jpg Andreas Wagner Member usually in space on thursday evening
  • Operations and infrastructure automation
  • managed Wordpress hosting
  • running couple of cryptocoin full nodes
marva.jpg Marvin Martinson Member-student Sumorobot workshops
minion.jpg Mia Marta Heikla Member-student NFC wristband
minion.jpg Liis Kuusik Member
rasmus.jpg Rasmus Member
Management / coordination, vending machine, hosting, onboards new members.
erick.jpg Erick Hunter Member-student Not being able to fail to misunderstand things. Workshop foreman
minion.jpg Martin Lillepuu Supporter
agis.jpg Agis Supporter Come and meet during working hours
+372 58642148
OpenBSD user
formal methods for software development
BSD user group
artur kerge.jpg User:Artur Kerge Supporter Come and meet during Chaostreff


📞 55 943 888

Ballmer peak supplier 🍻 Chaostreff organiser


  • kanban
  • k-space logo redesign
mihkel.jpg Mihkel Raba Supporter IT Management, Pentesting, Firewalls, Storage, Linux servers, ESP32 software development

minion.jpg Sergii Matsiievskyi Supporter Come and meet face to face on Saturdays
minion.jpg Clyde Johnston Supporter Come and meet during Chaostreff
minion.jpg Endel Soolo Supporter
minion.jpg Tarmo Oja Supporter Honeypot project
minion.jpg Toomas Lepik Supporter Malware projects
raido.jpg Raido Kalbre Supporter From PCBs to web frontend, 3D printing, drones, whatever
minion.jpg Martin Vool Supporter Beer brewing
sven.jpg Sven Petai Supporter Hacker and hobby farmer
minion.jpg Janno Tomingas Supporter 3D printing
minion.jpg Markus Benninghoff Supporter
minion.jpg Endel Soolo Supporter
minion.jpg Ryan Brett Lucas Supporter
aksel.jpg Aksel Allas Supporter 56295166

Automated community vending machine
minion.jpg Otso Jousimaa Supporter Electronics