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Loudspeaker design compromises of multiple steps: figuring out your exact needs, finding suitable drivers, calculating volume for the enclosure, calculating filter component values, constructing the enclosure, soldering filter, assembling it all. After that room acoustics come into play so finding suitable location for the loudspeakers is also a complex question.

Reasonable compromise between doing everything from scratch vs buying off the shelf product is to use kits sold by Wolfgang, lautsprechershop.de, Madisound and others. This is exactly what this workshop is about.

Workshop format


  • First get together, discussion and purchase of kits
  • Enclosure milling and assembly
  • Filter PCB milling and soldering
  • Final assembly and testing

Glossary: woofer, tweeter, midrange, subwoofer, full-range speaker, amplifier, volts, amps, watts, resistance, impedance, decibels, Butterworth filter, Thiele-Small parameters, Vas, Qts, Vb, Fb, Fs, etc

Loudspeaker kits


Power rating 55W @ 4 ohm Uses Wavecor 5.75" woofer and Dynavox AMT-1. The Air Motion Transformer technology based tweeter gives the sound really crisp and clear sound unlike most tweeters. Enclosure is 20x35x35cm with side firing bass reflex tubes


Price: 180€ per kit


Speaker PCB design for CNC milling and enclosure G-code generator available at our Git

Fullrange box

Power rating: 30W @ 6 ohm Uses full range Visaton B 100 driver, no filter required Enclosure is bass reflex box Price: 120€ per box



Lia AMT kit uses Wavecor WF182BD11 as woofer and Audaphon AMT-1i as tweeter. Power rating is approx 80W at 4 ohms.

Price: 700€ per box


DIY classic amplifiers include TDA7293, TDA7294, TDA2030, TDA2040, TDA2050, LM3886 chip based designs

Stereo TDA7293


NAD D 3045

Note that NAD D 3020 upgraded V2 does not have USB port anymore! NAD D 3045 still sports the USB port which is neat!

Power rating 2x60W. Includes Bluetooth support. Amplifier for a heavy computer user. High-res DAC built-in and exposed via USB port.

Room acoustics