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Lasercutter fundraising

Hüppelaud is a tech aimed summer school for high school students held 15.-19. july at our premises in co-operation with MTÜ Eesti 2.0.

Evert decent hackerspace has a lasercutter so for this very event we're planning to assemble Lasersaur lasercutter!

Lasersaur is an open source lasercutter project designed by Nortd Labs and has been assembled/used by several universities. Lasersaur has work area of 1220x610mm and it's extensively documented. This shall prevent any vendor lockins and ensure a quality design.


The Lasersaur bill of materials sums up to approximately 7000€ with no assembly, testing etc included. Contributor names shall be listed on the final assembled device. Insert your name here to support us:

  • MTÜ Eesti 2.0 / Estonian Research Council 3500€
  • Lauri 500€
  • Erki 500€

Other contributions

List your name here if you want to help out with assembly, testing, tuning and being smartypants:

  • Erki - Smartypants
  • <name here>