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Here's some equipment that you can find at our lab. Use them for your experiments/workshops/trainings etc.

Stuff what we've already got


  • 10pcs Lenovo x230 Thinkpad, 4GB RAM, 120..240GB SSD
  • 5pcs Lenovo x200s Thinkpad, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD
  • 10pcs ViewSonic FullHD LED LCD screens
  • 24pcs Fujitsu 1600x900 screens
  • 17pcs HP desktops, SSD-s and DDR3 sticks also available
  • 13pcs+ EeeBox computers, 2G DDR2 RAM, 120G SSD-s each
  • 10pcs DELL PowerEdge 1955 blade servers, 32GB/8c per blade
  • 16pcs HP ProLiant BL460c blade servers, 48G/12c/24t per blade
  • 3pcs SAS enclosures, total 18pcs 500G SAS disks
  • 24bay storage boxes


  • 6pcs Cisco Catalyst 2950 switches
  • 5pcs Cisco 2900 XL switches
  • Portable Omnia Turris WiFi router with 4G connectivity
  • 2pcs 5port, 8port dummy gigabit switches
  • 2pcs 5V 2.4A PoE splitter
  • 2pcs 12V PoE splitter


Embedded boards:

  • 20pcs+ ESP32 boards
  • Nvidia Jetson board
  • ZYBO (Xilinx FPGA+ARM board)
  • Cubietruck
  • Orange Pi
  • CHIP & PocketCHIP